We tailor this service to our client's needs. With careful planning, we recommend a strategy to suit our client's needs with the greatest attention to detail. Our team of experienced operatives will ensure that you are properly protected.


There is no doubt that event security is among the most challenging tasks for both organisers and management.

We offer reliable event security services with a team that operate a rigorous health and safety process to ensure that the environment for your event is safe and secure.


Security is a major issue with retail stores as they are often targeted by thieves. Even an unsophisticated or inexperienced thief may find stores to be easy picking.

Retail stores operate on an honour system, with the customer choosing his/her purchases and paying before exiting.

Not all stores losses called ‘shrinkage’ in the industry comes from customers. Store employees themselves may be dishonest and many store losses come from within.


Mobile patrols are designed to give you a physical and regular security presence on your site.

Our officers will arrive at your site in a. branded security vehicle and will patrol key points of your building and grounds to ensure all is in order.

This means that any potentially vulnerable areas of your site can be regularly checked and your overall security is improved.


Measure to manage access across defined boundaries; and steps to exclude unauthorised people. While the numbers of people being injured or even killed on construction sites has reduced, there is no room for complacency.

We deliver feature rich security solutions that work effortlessly alongside your daily routines, adding a durable layer of protection to sites, properties or equipment.

We are committed to implementing a fit for purpose security solution that will ensure your construction project is delivered on time and within budget, preventing costly disruption to your productivity and overall project deadline.



Corporate business an ever-growing sector and to match the growth of profits and employee’s security measure also need to be stepped up. With many years’ experience in delivering security to corporate clients, we have a wealth of knowledge to provide a variety of solutions for your business.

As with any industry, manpower is a key part of any successful business. That is why professional security guards are a fundamental aspect of our company, fully vetted and licensed to the highest of standards. First aid trained, our officers can also provide dual roles – from undertaking security duties to fulfilling administration or even janitorial responsibilities.

Whether your business needs long or short-term cover, we can provide corporate security on a flexible basis in the following area.

Our dedicated security team uses a combination of security expertise and technology to detect threats quickly.

Providing the hands-on, 24/7 365 days monitoring,

threat hunting, response support, and security guidance needed to stop nefarious activity and help you accelerate your security maturity.


Door supervisors are responsible for the safety and security of customers and staff in venues such as pubs, bars, nightclubs and other licensed premises or at public events. They spend most of their time at the premises' entrance, checking the suitability of people coming in.

Electronic Security Services

Intruder Alarms

Key features of intruder alarms that we install and maintain include:

• We can offer a round-the-clock monitoring service.
• Wireless alarms can be set and unset via a mobile phone – ending the worry of the premises being left unprotected.
• Visual verification allows you to see on your phone because an alarm has been activated.
• If you are sure there is no intruder present, we can dial in and reset the system for you – no need for you to travel to the premises.
• A maintenance contract gives you peace of mind through regular servicing and checks.


Installing the right CCTV system for your premises is one of the most effective ways to deter intruders from attempting to commit theft or vandalism. If criminals still try, a high-definition recording is an essential tool to enable the police to bring them to justice.

We can offer Anti Deterrence CCTV that will alert any intruders by way of flashing strobe lights and audible alarms or speech alerts when a virtual line is crossed.

Fire Alarms

You need to feel confident that everyone will be safe on your premises if a fire starts. But you also need high-quality equipment that will not drain your time through needless false alarms and high maintenance demands.

We can take away any uncertainty and anxiety with a free on-site survey to identify vulnerabilities and work alongside you to consider all the options. We design and install new systems and upgrade existing ones to allow you to benefit from the latest technology.

All systems can be monitored via an alarm receiving centre so that keyholders/fire brigade can be called at the earliest sign of fire.

Access Control

If you need complete authority over who gets into your buildings, a market-leading access control system is the solution.

No more worries for you about keys being copied, or codes being remembered, after staff members leave. You can have total jurisdiction over who has access to certain rooms and areas on your site – and even build in restrictions for different times of the day and night.

Solutions range from single door keypad entry through to intercoms, with or without video, and multi-door software-driven systems. We can also use biometrics – unique physical characteristics that can identify people, such as fingerprints and iris scans.